It is normal to feel nervous about entering rehab for the first time. We have outlined these frequently asked questions about residential rehab and treatment. If you would like to learn more about specific solutions for recovery and wellness, we are happy to help.
  • Why Do I Need Inpatient Rehabilitation?

    Inpatient rehab is the best way to begin a life free from addiction. Our programs help people with substance addictions (drugs and/or alcohol), addictive behavior (gambling addictions, sex addiction and more) and mental health concerns (depression, trauma, anxiety, bipolar disorder and more). Inpatient rehab helps to permanently change patterns of behavior. Because inpatient rehab takes you out of your current situation and helps you begin in a new and supportive environment with effective detox services, you will stand a better chance of full recovery. Additionally, Foundations Recovery Network offers ongoing support, meetings, groups and more to help you begin a happier life free from addiction. Our integrated treatment model helps individuals recover from addiction and the causes behind addiction. Your life may depend on the quality of care you receive, and inpatient rehab is a wonderful way to begin your journey to wellness.
  • How Long Does Rehabilitation Treatment Last?

    Inpatient rehab usually lasts anywhere from two weeks to a year. Therapists and doctors agree that at least 90 days of rehab offers you the best chance for recovery, because it takes humans 90 days to make permanent changes in behavior. Ninety day programs also typically include detox services and enough time to help you relearn and change old habits, as you gradually return to normal life. If a 90 day treatment program is not possible due to work schedules or family demands, there are alternatives.
  • How Will I Pay for Residential Rehabilitation?

    People often use insurance to cover the cost of addiction treatment. While insurance can greatly cut the cost of rehab treatment, not everyone wants to pay for treatment with insurance. Payment plans may be available, or you may qualify for incentive or package programs that help cut down on costs. Before you assume that rehab is too expensive for you, learn more about your options for care.
  • Will My Insurance Cover the Cost of Treatment?

    Our counselors can check your insurance benefits for you to see if you have coverage for the cost of rehab. We work with many major providers, such as Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, CIGNA, United Healthcare, and Humana; but the list doesn’t end there. Please call us today to find out what other companies we work with. We can help you by doing the following:

    • Finding out what insurance policy you have and what treatment costs will be covered by insurance
    • Determining what your deductible is and what out-of-pocket expenses may be necessary
    • Helping you understand your medical coverage and what in-network and out-of-network possibilities are available for you
    • Working with your insurance provider to find the right treatment solution for you

    Insurance policies vary due to a number of factors, and it’s important to know what kind of treatment you need before you can know whether you’ll have the right coverage. Our counselors can also help you in this area by doing the following:

    • Helping to determine what rehab options are right for you or a loved one
    • Discussing the nature of treatment, including detox, therapy, and available programs
    • Explaining the advantages of inpatient and outpatient rehab and which one you may need to attend
    • Helping you assess your length of stay and what arrangements need to be made

    We want to help you find the best treatment available and help you understand what costs can be covered by insurance. Call us today to find out what kind of coverage you have for rehab.

  • Can You Guarantee Success with My Treatment?

    There is no treatment program that can guarantee success. In many ways, you are in control of your rehab experience from day one. Because you have your own free will and you are a unique individual, you may react to treatment differently from other people. If you have tried treatment programs in the past with little success, it is possible that integrated treatment may help you more than other treatment programs.

    We strive to create a unique and effective treatment plan for every person who enters treatment. If you find that your treatment is not working during your stay, we encourage feedback and conversation to help make everyone’s experience a success. We keep track of the progress of our program graduates (with permission). The program graduates that complete our follow-up surveys volunteer their opinions and feedback to help us improve our programs every day. We take feedback seriously and work to continually improve our quality of care.

  • Does Your Treatment Program Offer Detoxification Services?

    Yes. Detox can help you begin your wellness with a strong start and a clear mind. Many people feel anxious before beginning detox, because they anticipate uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. You are not alone. Foundations Recovery Network offers medically supervised detox services. During a medically supervised detox, you are provided with a comfortable and clean room. You may enjoy our chef-prepared organic meals. Surroundings will look much more like a luxury hotel room than a hospital room. We also provide licensed and experienced medical staff to help you through the detox process in the most comfortable and safe manner possible.
  • What Can I Bring to Rehabilitation?

    When you call and speak with an admissions representative, he or she will help you plan and prepare for your rehab experience. Because each treatment facility offers different amenities, we will help you plan specifically for your recovery. During rehab you will be able to wear your own clothes, and most people dress comfortably. You will be allowed to bring some comfort items and some personal items. Some of our treatment centers offer swimming, ropes courses, yoga, hiking or other fun activities. Your admissions counselor will help you prepare for all of these things if you choose to participate. In some cases, items like cell phones or laptop computers are discouraged. It is important that rehab is a place that helps you take time away from the temptations and stress of normal life. If you depend on your electronic equipment for your career, please ask your admissions counselor about these special circumstances. If you forget anything during your rehab stay, your family or friends may send or bring you needed items. Since this is a rehab facility, we check to make sure all of the items entering treatment are safe for all people.
  • Will You Keep My Records Private and Confidential?

    Yes. Foundations Recovery Network specializes in celebrity and executive treatment programs. We also offer top-tier residential treatment for all people. We have treatment programs that specialize in Dual Diagnosis, treatment of trauma and PTSD and treatment of both substance addictions and addictive behaviors. We truly see a very wide range of clients in our many successful programs. It is our absolute priority to maintain patient confidentiality from the first moment you call us. We never sell, share, distribute or otherwise violate your privacy in any way. We strictly follow all HIPAA privacy laws, and what you say during your treatment stays in treatment. Like all mental health facilities we only make exceptions to our privacy rules when a person is in danger of committing suicide or harming one’s self or others or abusing children or elderly adults. All treatment programs are required by law to report abuse or risk of death to the proper authorities.
  • Does Your Rehabilitation Program Allow Family Visitation or Family Counseling?

    Yes. Addiction takes its toll on family and relationships. All of Foundations Recovery Network’s programs encourage family healing and care. Whether your family consists of a spouse and children, your own parents, a partner, or dear friends, your family is an important part of your healing process. We offer both family counseling programs and family weekends. We encourage and facilitate family communication, outreach and wellness.

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