If you are entering rehab for the first time, you may feel nervous or wonder what to expect during your first few hours in treatment. At every Foundations Recovery Network treatment center, you can expect a warm welcome and a smooth transition into rehab treatment. Here is a simple guide to your admissions process and first few days of treatment. Keep in mind that every client is different, and your experience may differ slightly from this outline depending on your needs.

Rehabilitation Admissions

When you first call our admissions helpline, you will speak with an experienced person who understands addiction, recovery and Dual Diagnosis treatment. Our admissions counselors take the time to learn more about you and your unique situation in order to offer the best support possible. We will help you learn more about your treatment options and even help you find the best treatment to suit your needs and situation. Our goal is to take the time to get to know you as an individual and help you find solutions for you and your family to achieve wellness.

During your initial admissions phone call, your admissions counselor will help you plan for treatment and arrange travel to and from treatment. We can even help you arrange insurance coverage or payment plans as needed. We work with most major insurance providers, and we can assist in treatment coverage for out-of-network providers. We make it our policy to explain every step of treatment before you make an informed decision and to assist you in each of these steps. In some cases, family members call us to learn more about family treatment. We can help you plan a loving and supportive family intervention for a person you care about. We can help both you and your family in recovery. Call us to learn more.

Treatment Intake

Once you have prepared and packed to begin treatment, you will embark on your recovery journey. Upon arrival at a facility, your intake counselor will greet you and sit down with you in a comfortable environment to learn more about you. You may be asked questions about your background, health, drug of choice and personal concerns and goals. Your intake counselor will answer all of your questions and help you adjust to your new surroundings. You may go on a tour of the facility, meet your treatment team or simply relax in your room if you wish.

Detoxification and Counseling

Soon after intake you may begin the detox process. If you are worried about detox, you are not alone. Many people enter treatment with some reservations about the detox process. At Foundations Recovery Network, licensed and trained medical staff members work to make your detox experience as comfortable and safe as possible. The detox process is different for every person who enters treatment. Foundations Recovery Network does not believe in “one size fits all” treatment. You are a unique person, and your detox process will also be unique and tailored to fit your needs. You don’t have to face detox alone. Our experienced medical staff will work hard to ensure that you are as comfortable as possible during detox while our
licensed therapists will help ease your transition.

Call Now to Learn More about Admissions

If you have questions about admissions, intake, detox and recovery services, please call our toll-free helpline now. Our admissions counselors can answer all of your questions and help you make an informed treatment decision. Let us take the stress out of your situation. We can explain treatment and assist you through every step of the admissions process. When you need quality rehab care, treatment admissions and procedures are the last thing you need to worry about. We can help.