Our integrated treatment model has achieved twice the success rate for continuing sobriety one year after treatment compared to the national average for traditional programs. Why? Because we treat both:

– Addiction and substance abuse problems

– Underlying root causes, such as mental health issues

Traditional programs only address one. Having one condition treated instead of both puts clients at a greater risk for relapse. Our program focuses on treating the whole person, not just one condition.

Our top priority is to get you or your loved one
healthy again, so we make sure the worries of cost
and payment don’t get in the way. Instead of a
bottom-line price for treatment, we calculate a
payment plan realistic for you and your family by
looking at:

– Your financial situation
– Any insurance coverage
– Your specific medical conditions
– Your unique treatment needs
– Many other factors

You can rest assured that our seasoned admissions team will exhaust every option to get you or your loved one into treatment hassle-free and affordably.

We are the industry’s premier network of state and national treatment centers that has proudly served the residents of Washington for over 15 years. Because we offer a wide variety of treatment plans and locations, you’ll be able to select one that is the best fit for you or your loved one.

The most important part of choosing the right place for treatment is finding a place customized around your unique needs, which is our specialty. And if for some reason you feel our program isn’t a good fit, we can help you get connected to another treatment center because of our trusted referral relationships. Ultimately, you or loved one will be taken care of in a place of safety and healing.

When you contact us, you will be connected to an experienced admissions coordinator who will help you select the best treatment plan for you or your loved one.

Our Treatment Plans Feature:
     A Safe & Proven Medical Approach
Integrated treatment (substance addiction + mental health issues)
Compassionate, medically-monitored detox
Round-the-clock care with a personal therapist
Physician-directed medication management
Treatment for eating disorders, sex addiction and more
     An Emphasis On Community
Family therapy, highlighted by monthly “family weekends”
Relief and recovery program for chronic pain and addiction
Specialized program for the LGBT community
Supportive, active and empowering nationwide alumni program
     A Variety Of Therapy Options
Yoga and massage therapy
Expressive arts therapy
Equine therapy
On-site ropes course
Fitness and wellness facilities
Outdoor adventure therapy and sober fun activities
     Education That Empowers
Diverse groups like Healthy Boundaries, Anger Management, etc.
Prevention education and recovery coaching to avoid future relapse
Dual Recovery Self-Help Education
     Other Specialized Services
Sober escort and travel support services
Professional interventions
Helpful alternative sentencing and pretrial intervention

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