OxyContin is possibly the most well-known and often abused brand name prescription painkiller. OxyContin affects people from every background, every culture and every age. This opium-derived drug is responsible for millions of dollars in lost revenue, legal costs and medical expenses. Even if things seem difficult now, there is a way out. You can live a life free from OxyContin and other opiate painkillers. You can get rid of this expensive and deadly addiction, but it will take work, and you will need to choose the right level of treatment to meet your needs.


Treating Pain Without OxyContin

OxyContin is a unique pain medication. Other pain medications like ibuprofen work to decrease swelling throughout the body to provide pain relief. Opiate pain medicines like OxyContin simply block your brain’s ability to feel pain. While on opiate painkillers, your pain is still untreated, but your brain cannot register the pain sensations. In addition, your brain adjusts to the presence of OxyContin, which leads you to require more of this drug to achieve the same effects.

You can treat your pain without letting opiate painkillers take over your life. You may already know that a brief moment of mild euphoria and sense of relaxation are not worth the financial difficulties, emotional pain and trouble that a painkiller addiction brings to your life. Integrated rehab programs can help you get past an OxyContin addiction so that you may think more clearly and truly address your pain issues. No one begins taking an expensive and dangerous drug like OxyContin on a whim. You may have begun using this drug socially, for medical reasons or to self-medicate difficult personal emotions. Integrated treatment combines traditional substance abuse treatment with the latest proven methods in psychotherapy to help you heal both body and mind in the same program.

Get Help for OxyContin Abuse and Addiction

Our integrated treatment programs are designed to offer personalized treatment of both OxyContin addiction and emotional issues. We are here 24 hours a day to listen to your concerns and answer your questions. You shouldn’t have to overcome addiction on your own. Call our confidential and toll-free helpline today at (888) 898-0248. We are waiting to help.