Michael’s House Treatment Center

Michael’s House Treatment Center

Michael’s House – Palm Springs, California

Our luxury rehab centers nestled in the foothills of the magnificent San Jacinto Mountains in Palm Springs provide residential rehabilitation and treatment as well as extended care for those battling substance use disorders and co-occurring mental health issues. Drug, alcohol and co-occurring disorders treatment is provided in tranquil hacienda style desert retreats that reflect our holistic philosophy of care.

Treatment at Michael’s House

Michael’s House programs offer men and women ages 18 and up an integrated in-patient treatment program. Our staff is specially trained in The Foundations Treatment Model to address the complex needs of individuals with co-occurring disorders and addictions issues.

The facility offers comprehensive, medically supervised detoxification services and individualized integrated services for individuals with addictive and/or mental health conditions. Treatment at Michael’s House includes introduction to 12-step principles, daily group and individual therapy and life skills classes. Residential program participants enjoy delicious and nutritious food, an exercise weight room, meditation and quiet time, daily recreational opportunities, and other healthful and fun leisure activities that take advantage of the spectacular location and local scenery.

For those who need a more intensive and longer-term rehab program to ensure long-term abstinence, our Extended Care Program offers more time to heal, learn and adjust to a new life in recovery. This treatment program offers additional structure, focused attention, and safety for chemically dependent and dually diagnosed patients. Every treatment plan at Michael’s House is tailored for that individual’s specific needs.

The Michael’s House Mission & Vision

Michael’s House is dedicated to achieving excellence in providing alcohol and drug addicted men, women and their families with the means to become happy and productive citizens, while living a life of sobriety and recovery.

Michael's House staffMichael’s House strives to be an organization that:

  • Creates and environment of trust and safety, allowing patients to embrace the recovery process
  • Recognizes each patient as a unique individual
  • Promotes each individual’s self-awareness as a means of discovering the power from within
  • Believes that all individuals are inherently good
  • Provides assistance and is a resource to all those who are impacted by the disease of chemical addiction

The Michael’s House Difference

The staff at Michael’s House believes that by providing a supportive environment and services tailored to your distinct needs, you can achieve a lasting and comfortable recovery.

We offer:

  • Respect and dignity in the treatment of patients and their families
  • Quality care focusing on the development of constructive life skills emphasizing the unique needs of each patient
  • Help to understand impulse control and recognize and reduce the risk of relapse
  • Sensitivity to cultural diversity
  • Affordable care without sacrificing quality or comfort
  • A serene setting at the foot of mount San Jacinto, complementing your pursuit of recovery

Michael’s House was founded to address the critical gap faced by those who need special assistance in their recovery – at an affordable cost. We take pride in maintaining one of the highest staff-to-client ratios in the field. Redeveloping human potential requires time, effort and professional guidance. The goal of Michael’s House is to provide a supportive but challenging environment in which residents can identify and develop appropriate behavior leading to lifelong recovery.

Following a thorough intake assessment by our staff, each individual is provided with a clinically structured program designed to fit his or her own personal needs and length of stay. Each individual receives the specialized attention he or she needs.

Michael’s House History

Arlene Rosen, president of Michael’s House, remembers watching a television show while her son was still alive. “A woman was talking about her schizophrenic son,” Rosen recalls, “and as she went on, it became uncanny – she was describing my son. It was Michael.”

When the show ended, Rosen went to the telephone and tracked down the woman she had just watched. “We talked,” she continues, “and it turned out her son, whom she had discussed as a schizophrenic personality, was in reality a drug addict. Just like Michael.”

According to Rosen, there is a social stigma attached to drug addiction that can cause the parents, relatives and friends of the addict to remain in denial. Cancer is socially acceptable. Leukemia is. Psychological problems are. But AIDS isn’t. And neither is drug addiction.”

Michael Alan Rosen was a child born to wealth and privilege who attended grammar school in Bel Air and went to camp with Ron Reagan. After graduating from Beverly Hills High School he attended Menlo College, where in his sophomore year he was voted class president. Handsome, gregarious, and rich, by his senior year he had become a professional racecar driver. At the age of 25, Michael Rosen was found dead in his hotel room in the Fiji Islands. Recently out of a drug rehab program and not wanting his girlfriend to see him relapse, he had locked her out of their room.

In memory of her son, Rosen started the nonprofit Michael Alan Rosen Foundation which now runs Michael’s House, a program for chemically dependent and dually diagnosed individuals.

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