Help for Myself

Perhaps you have realized that addiction has taken over your life. Maybe you have tried traditional substance abuse treatment in the past and have been disappointed in the results. Whether you are seeking addiction treatment for the first time or after years of battling addiction, we would like to help. Foundations Recovery Network offers a unique approach to addiction treatment. We combine aspects of traditional substance abuse treatment with specialized treatment for specific addictions and the latest in mental health care to help you overcome a variety of obstacles that stand in the way of your happiness.

What to Expect in Treatment

It is normal to feel some anticipation as you begin your journey to wellness. Recovery is a commitment, and it does take some work. Because every person is unique, your treatment program will be based on your individual needs and wants. From the moment you first call us we will partner with you to help you make empowered and informed decisions about your own health and recovery.

When you first enter treatment, you will meet with an admissions counselor. Your admissions counselor will help you transition into the treatment program and introduce you to your treatment team. You may begin detox at this time. Our detox services provide you with a comfortable hotel-like room, freshly prepared meals and a medical staff to oversee your detox process. We work with you to help you remain comfortable and relaxed during this process. After detox rehab treatment will begin. Your days will be filled with counseling, group therapy, psychiatric counseling services, fun activities, healthy meals and more. At the conclusion of inpatient rehab your counselor will help you plan ahead for outpatient treatment, ongoing counseling, support and our unique alumni program.

Integrated Treatment Means So Much More

More than 50% of all people who struggle with a substance abuse issue also struggle with a mental health concern. Addiction may begin, as a person tries to self-medicate feelings of anxiety, depression, mania or discomfort. In other cases, addiction leads a person into dangerous situations, regret or financial and relationship problems that can lead to a decline in mental and emotional wellbeing. Many addiction treatment programs fail to address the unique emotional and mental health problems that addiction causes. Our integrated treatment programs work to bridge the gap in traditional substance abuse treatment and help heal you as an entire individual.

Find Out More about Our Services

Please call us to learn more about our rehab services and learn more about our specialty programs to help treat issues such as the following:

  • Specific substance addictions
  • Depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder
  • PTSD and trauma
  • Family and relationships troubles

Please call our toll-free helpline to speak privately with a recovery professional. We will help you learn more about different levels of treatment, counseling, outreach and more. We can even work with your insurance provider to help arrange coverage for treatment. All of our phone services are no-pressure, confidential and available 24 hours a day. Find out how we can help you today.