Quality Treatment for Co-Occurring Disorders

Foundation Recovery Network's co-occurring disorders treatment program was rated in USA's top 5% by Dartmouth Psychiatric Research Center and recognized as the "gold standard" for co-occurring disorder treatment.

Typical success rate for integrated treatment is 70-80%, vs. sole substance abuse treatment success rate of 20-25%.

Why Integrated Treatment Works

What is integrated treatment and why is it important for long-term recovery? Watch the video to understand why we focus on the whole person to treat co-occurring addiction and mental health disorders:

Proven Results

Foundations Recovery Network's dual diagnosis approach has delivered proven results and is the key to lasting recovery. By pairing co-occurring clinical and psychological treatment with residential and outpatient treatment programs, clients suffering from substance abuse and mental disorders get to the root of their addiction issues so they can experience long-term health.

Proven through 11 federally funded research studies, the FRN treatment model makes clients twice as likely to experience continuing sobriety one year post-treatment compared to the national average of traditional programs.

Get Help Today

If you have questions about whether you or a loved one may need rehab and treatment for substance abuse and/or mental health disorders, please contact our call center. Admissions counselors are available 24 hours a day at (877) 345-3221 to answer your questions and concerns.